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Selling a hi-capa Build project i have lost intrest in half way through, i got the postiol with many others in a box of random parts as a project however i swapped over to a custom build on a AAP-01 so no longer feel like finishing this build. (this is the last build from the box)
i have built the gun to a point where is shoot lasers and is reliable. the gun currently has a standard slide on it a fancy lonex grip and a standard frame there is a maple leafe barrel and rubber, pluss an upgraded leaf spring.. the prior owner tapped holes for the sight mount for the gun, tbh not well done but with the mount fitted you dont see them.

i forgot what upgrade parts are in the frame. the slide is running upgrade parts, maple leafe crazyjet barrel, rubber. the spring is not a standars nore is the spring guide dont know what they are though.

along with a working pistol comes all the parts that i have with it like the sight mount, thumb rest, a slide that needs some refurbishment (paint job is rubish), and a hondfull of other misc parts that will come with the pistol.

The second slide is mostly assembled it needs a new BBU spring i would recomend a 120% spring.

feel free to ask any questions

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