Upgraded TM M&P9 V-Custom (UAC parts only) + extras


This is my safe-queen M&P9. I loved the color and the M&P9 platform. I bought this to go against the Glock craze and it was the right thing to do. It first caught my eye through watching YouTube videos from Matthemusketer. It has never seen combat and has been upgraded with a lot of UAC parts. Mostly all parts are fitted and what you see in the most of the bags are replacement parts. There are two Brand new unopened magazines and the kit also comes with 3 tan base plates. 


the UAC parts are:

two custom triggers (they are tunable)

6.01 precision barrel

light weight blowback housing

custom bucking and pad

CNC hop up housing

All steel internal parts from hammer to sears

steel trigger lever has also been replaced

2 aluminum nozzles (One installed, original nozzle will also come with this package)

enhanced recoil and hammer spring


most of the UAC parts are discontinued and hard to find.

***Update: Added Laylax piston head (Alum)***

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