[SOLD] TM VSR-10 Mancraft SDIK


This is a TM VSR-10 with full Mancraft SDIK installed. It is in fully working condition, however Co2 adapter seems to have a seal missing, which didn't matter for me because I run it on HPA but I will throw in the Co2 adapter of course. You can get a set of seals from directly from Mancraft if you want to use it, but I recommend to use HPA as it is more consistent. The regulator screws straight onto a standard HPA tank (I used a Tippmann 48/3k tank) and works perfectly. I get a m/s deviation of +/- 1 using HPA.

Internally it has an AA hop chamber, with a Maple leaf MR 70 (yellow) bucking and Panthera nub, all of which sits on a brand new Maple Leaf Crazyjet 429mm inner barrel which has been used only once. I have used tape spacers to get inner barrel 100% stable, for maximum consistency. This can easily be removed if you want to install AA spacers or something. For an extra 300sek I can include a 510mm long 6.01 PDI inner barrel, which has had the bridge removed to fit in a VSR.

Scope, scope rings, Co2 capsules and HPA tank are not included. Shoulder pad to hold Co2 adapter and regulator, 3 TM mags, 1 Action Army mag (holds like 50+ bb's), suppressor, and gun bag are included. The hop setup, inner barrel, and mancraft SDIK alone are worth well over 2.5k, so if you want to set up your own VSR-10 based mancraft build, or if you want to use the TM body, this is a great deal. I am selling at such a loss because I want to fund a different project. Pickup only from Malmo.

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