[SOLD] Osprey MKIV Plate Carrier MTP/Multicam


This is an Osprey MKIV Plate Carrier/body armour, which was the carrier used by the British armed forces in places like Afghanistan post 2010. I purchased this in London from an Army Surplus store along with various pouches, which can be seen attached to the vest already via Molle. I have used it only twice in dry conditions, so the vest is clean and ready to go. Sizing is 170 height, 112 chest, but it is quite easy to resize it to fit different body types (I am 173, 85)

Because it is a genuine surplus item, quality is very high and the system is extremely rugged. Lots of soldiers in Ukraine are using this platform because it is a modern and durable. On the right shoulder there is some writing of ID and blood type of the man who used this vest in Afghanistan. This could be removed with some strong solvent. The condition of the vest and all pouches is grade 1.

The camouflage pattern is "MTP". This has the same colours as US Multicam but a slightly different brush stroke. If you were to pair MTP vest with Multicam pouches, no one will notice. This vest is best paired with a UBACs or MTP/Multicam shirt/pants.

Pouches included are:

* 2 x 5.56 velcro

* 2 x 5.56 elastic retention

* 2 x fragmentation grenade pouch

* 1 x smoke grenade pouch

* 1 x commanders pouch

* 1 x radio pouch

* 1 x LMG 100 rds pouch

* 1 x 8rd UGL pouch

Each one of these pouches costs up to 100sek but I am selling the whole system as bulk for a cheaper price. The vest and all the pouches is quite heavy so I am not willing to post unless buyer covers the cost. I include pictures with and without flash, since look can change based on lighting.

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