KWA Kriss Vector + 6 Magazines + Rare Hephaestus Recoil Kit + Rare Maple Leaf Hopup and Barrel + Loads of Parts


Hi Everyone, I am Zi from Sweden. I have played in the UK twice when I visited and I am here to sell my pride and joy, KV Kriss Vector by KWA.


1) I am an airsoft collector, this has been fielded three times, well kept and serviced

2) The list of parts is their so I can continue to enjoy it

3) I am selling it off to fund a project

4) Willing to hear serious offers, price is not set in stone


List of stuff Below:


- Two boxes of o-ring repair kits (brand new)

- Airsoft Eguinity piston kit

- 6 x Magazine (2 need feed lips, and one needs a base plate, Black Variable sells feed lips and base plate is easy to find 

- Rare Maple Leaf Barrel Installed with hopup

- Rare Hephaestus recoil kit (installed)  

- genuine KWA vector Piston (hard to find)

- 5 charging valves for mags

- charging handle replacement

- Ace1arms AR style magazine release (installed, see video)

- I have the original hand stop, its not installed in the pictures

- NPAS (so you can bring it to field limits)

- CQB valve (red also can be used)

- Original rocket valve available as well

- I-23 E-Clip x 4

- F-38 Jet Valve Spring x 2

- D-72 Hop Up Cover x 8

- C-10 Hop Up Tensioner x 4

- Vector Magazine Follower Assembly x 6

- G-103 Screw x 3

- Vector Hammer x 4

- I-4 Roll Pin x 4

- I-20 Hop Up Cylinder Retaining Ring C-Clip x 4

- KWA Vector Impact Hammer Spring x 4

- Vector Jet Valve Pin x 4

- Vector Stock Set Pin Assembly x 2

- G-4 Set Screw x 4

- G-12 Set Screw x 4

- Vector Piston Spring Pin x 4

- KWA Vector Hammer Spring x 4

- E-19 Hop Up Bucking x 4


I also have the original box still!


video shot the day of this post -

Picture -


92 dagar sen



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