GG SMC9 SMG 4 extended mags


Here is my beautiful gas blow back SMC-9!

I love shooting this gun and manipulating is really sweet. The bolt is none reciprocating so you can c-clamp it while firing. 

The mags hold 40 rounds each and this is an awesome cqb gbb.

It is by far one of the most accurate Airsoft replicas I have owned. I can blast a beer can from almost 50 meters away and hit it every time and as fast as I want.

This is setup to shoot cqb at the moment but you can get the upgrade nozzles for more fps if you wish. 

I have opened it up for cleaning and lubing. The rate of fire is faster because I installed a short stroke conversion. Full auto is ridiculous! 

A great secondary for a sniper, awesome to clear rooms in cqb, it’s very light and because of where the magazine is, it is very well balanced.

Shipped in its original box (I baby my stuff and I’m a collector) shipping not included. Pick up from Uppsala is welcomed!

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