(SOLD) Brand New M&P9 from Tokyo Marui (Never used or Fielded)


Tokyo Marui - M&P9 Gas BlowBack Pistol


Product Information -

As its name suggests, S & W's "M & P" developed for the purpose of recruitment in the military and police is a model that has a reputation for design pursuing solid mechanisms and operability. 

Gas blow back "M & P 9" reproduces the 9 mm caliber model with manual Sumsafety even among M & P where there are many variation models. Based on the data measured and molded in the genuine article in the United States, the reproducibility is raised up to the detail, such as the shape and size, as well as the details such as embossing and stamping.

Tokyo marui has taken the time to make sure this gun is accurate in sizing, dimensions and markings.  

Major Features -

Large caliber cylinder adoption: The cylinder which becomes 15 mm in diameter is filled with gas for launch & blow back. It realized stable fire performance and powerful blow back.

Ambi type slide stop and Sam safety: You can operate from either the left or the right, and you can not choose a dominant arm.

Palmswell included: 3 types of S / M / L are included. You can adjust the size of the palms well (swelling) at the back of the grip.

Two safeties: Two safety devices of trigger safety and thumb safety are installed. It prevents accidental fire and accidental fire caused by falling.

Equipped with under rail: For under rail integrated with frame, flash light etc. corresponding to Picatinny standard (20 mm width) can be installed.

Die Cast Magazine: 25 magazines and a cold-resistant die-cast magazine are included.


Details - 

- Full Length - 194mm

- Inner Barrel Length - 90mm

- Weight - 620g (When Empty Mag Installed)

- Ammo Type - 6mm (0.20 - 0.25)

- Power Source - Dedicated gas (* 1)

- Ammo Capacity - 25 + 1 departure (one shot when loaded in the main body)

- Model Name - M & P 9 - Full Size, Thumb Safety

- Type - Hand Gun (Automatic)


Package Contents - 

M & P 9 Body, Magazine (25 shots), Palms Well (S / M / L), Protective cap, Handling instructions / instructions, Cleaning rod, BB bullet (0.2 g / 100 shots), Other

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