(SOLD) Brand New KSC Auto 9 + 4 Magazine + 3-round Burst Upgrade


Dead or alive... you're coming with me!


This is the one and only KSC Auto 9 C straight from Japan. Originally it was part of a cosplay that I did two years ago. I have never fielded it and shot one mag full of bbs with it just for show. When I was getting into airsoft, this was the first piece I collected. This is mint condition and the 4 mags are brand new, never opened, never touched.


By the way, don't let the whole look fool you. This thing is deadly accurate with a great hopup. The magazines load really easily and feeds great. I think when it comes to Japanese products, they are the best. It has an extended barrel (stock). I installed in it a hardened steel 3 round burst plate. The auto 9 originally comes only full auto and single shot. The burst plate is very rare and so is this pistol and mags.


I am selling a bit of me here as I have to let go of it to make room for my son's pieces.


Magazines are in their original boxes, never opened, never used.


If you would get this together now, it would cost you around 5400 SEK if you find it all. 

Offers would be considered if reasonable.


If you want to see a video of it shooting single, burst and auto, I will share it with you if need be.

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